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Coach Shea Travis

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Shea enjoyed a fantastic playing career prior to coaching. Some of his playing achievements include a State Championship in High School, a National Championship in College with UCLA, and earning professional contracts in the Netherlands and Sweden.
As a Head Coach, Shea has 10 years experience successfully guiding all ages and levels of play.
His coaching philosophy embraces complete player development, with a focus on technical proficiency, mental conditioning, and diverse tactical understanding.
Shea believes kids thrive in a healthy learning environment where they are exposed to many positions and responsibilities, given room to make decisions, and allowed to express themselves within their role in the team.
Shea understands that the best youth coaches strike a balance between being demanding and fun, while always maintaining their status as a role model.
His personal goal is to see his players increase their passion and dedication for the game, improve their self-confidence, and develop a strong sense of sportsmanship.
In addition to coaching teams, Shea is the Director of our Murrieta Surf PreAcademy program, as well the Assistant Tournament Director for the Murrieta Surf Winter and Summer Classic.