Murrieta Surf's G06 & G08 playing wall ball at
Murrieta Valley High School with Coach Hector

Playing soccer against a wall is an excellent drill. This is a great drill because it allows a player to work on numerous aspects of the game.

Some of the basics that kids can start learning is controlling the ball and kicking the ball. Control is necessary if a player wants to be talented. If you're not able to control the ball, success in soccer could be harder than it has to be. The beauty of kicking the ball against the wall is the unpredictability of how the ball will come back. Striking the ball at different speeds, spins, and heights will teach kids that they must adjust their bodies to control the ball.

This video takes viewers through a quick and relatively simple soccer passing drill that can help players rapidly build their passing and settling skills. The drill will require only a ball for each participant and a wall that provides a consistent bounce. Players can execute this drill as a team,

example of using a wall to develop foot-eye coordination, first touch, and passing and receiving

Soccer Passing Drill: Different passing drills to do with a wall.

Wall ball Passing Receiving

These fast-footwork soccer drills can be done anywhere at any time! All you need is a soccer ball and a wall. Work on these combinations or make up your own.