Use your common and uncommon purchases to cover the expenses of Surf Soccer with Scrip.  Whether used for registration fees, or added expenses of player gear, fan wear, or other approved Surf expenses. Basically, Scrip uses gift cards that rebate a percentage based on commodity and/or company that you purchase but they usually range between 2-4% for your most common purchases (groceries, gas, household supplies). When buying specialties or during promotional periods, rebates can range 8-12%and sometimes higher!

To sign up go to  Go to the new family signup on left side of screen.  Fill out the family information.  In the space where it asks for students name please put the players name.  In the space where it says it asks for classroom please put the team number(example G00W) and coaches name.  Once you answer the security questions it will ask for an enrollment code. Contact Lisa Dualan 760-809-1767 or email  This will identify you as part of Murrieta Youth Soccer League which is correct.  From this point you are able to order cards and pay by cash or check.  The deadline to order cards that aren't on hand is Friday before noon and you will get them by Tuesday usually at Los Alamos Park. (Day and time may vary)

If you want to maximize the use of this program you will need to sign up for Prestopay which is like Paypal. Prestopay links to your checking and allows you to pay for cards ahead of time and just pick up from the scrip coordinator. It is under "my account" and on the left of the screen. If you sign up for prestopay it will make 2 small deposits to your account of which you will need to verify. Upon verification they will send you and approval code which you will need to forward to the scrip coordinator for approval at:

The benefit is you are able to reload your cards and use Scripnow.

Scripnow is ecards you can create anytime. The scrip coordinator (Lisa Dualan) won’t need to be involved and you can create the cards on the go (example Walmart). Reload example would be Arco and you would need to get the original card from her in order to reload.

There are rules and guidelines in place to operate this program (available upon request) as well as some minimal costs associated with the shipping and handling charges of the orders so 10% of rebate amount is held to cover these fees. Balances accumulated can be used for any member of the family to pay the costs of playing competitive soccer. Money remains in the parent account for a season year of inactivity before it is forfeited to league general operating fund.

For questions about any of this please call Scrip Coordinator Lisa Dualan 760-809-1767 or email

You can also contact Rob Hawkes, Director of Operations, 951-201-0323 or email