Murrieta Surf Soccer Club Monthly Newsletter – May 2016

Finally the entire club is finished with tryouts and the team rosters are being finalized. The teams are training and organizing for the next soccer season.

Let me remind everyone this is a marathon and not a sprint.

We are preparing for a long involvement that will have ups and down for all teams and players. There will be good performances and poor performances. There will be injuries some minor some not. The only thing that is for certain is that children will be inconsistent. The coaches strive to reduce the inconsistencies'. It’s all part of where the players are on the soccer road.

Development is a strange animal and no one can predict how and when a player will take off. We can only provide the environment and encouragement. Motivation is 99% intrinsic and the one percent that parents and coaches add is important.

The only thing that I am certain of is that everyone connected with the club wants to progress the right way. The players are the most important thing we deal with and they will always be placed first and foremost.

Off The Post will continue throughout the year to bring you articles of interest that we hope will educate and inspire all our members to be better players and parents.

Your feedback and criticism will be gratefully received at all times.

Gwynne Williams—MSSC Director of Business Development


This month's offerings for you are as follows:

We present an excellent video.

Video 1 - For all the players that attend the skills clinics, this is an amazing video of just how good you can become.

Steve Myles was featured in an interview with

In a career up to now that has seen him work in the MLS, the English Pro Leagues and Youth Soccer on both sides of the Atlantic, Steve Myles has coached every level of player, from a World Cup winner to an England captain to one of America’s most exciting young strikers.

But he is taking his SoCal Club, the Murrieta Surf, right back to basics in a concerted bid to help create the kind of well rounded, technically superb footballers he hopes may provide the missing X factor that could push the US game to the next level. (READ MORE)


Gwynne Williams – “Lets Keep A Perspective OF What This Game Is About.

Sadly some parents loose perspective and can ruin the experience for all involved.


The following video is very interesting reminder of what sadly happens at far too many games and one that all parents should watch.


The Doctor’s Corner – Dr. Robert Steele

Dr. Robert Steele MD, MBA, FACEP from I-Care Urgent Care in Murrieta sheds light on the topic of overuse injuries. Thank you Dr. Steele for supporting our mission in soccer. (READ MORE)

Goalkeepers are special players.

Here is an interesting article aimed at good advise for our goalkeepers to avoid injuries.