Murrieta Surf Soccer Club Monthly Newsletter – March 2016

As you read this month’s newsletter tryouts are over for the younger ages.

This tryout period is known throughout soccer as the “silly season” for good reason.

However, tryouts present a positive new beginning for all players and coaches.

Each year there are changes. Even more this year with mandated changes from US Soccer to contend with.

Unfortunately some have chosen to leave us, believing the grass is greener on fields afar. We wish those that seek the greener grass good luck and continue to concentrate on what we do best.-Making our players and teams better.

Players that have prepared themselves both mentally and physically for the new challenge are usually rewarded. Those that have rested on their laurels may find out the hard way that the game does not stand still and they may have allowed themselves to be overtaken.

This is no different from examinations at school. The ones that put in the work are usually rewarded. There is a direct correlation between preparation, hard work and success.

Tryouts like examinations at schools are not necessarily the perfect means of testing intelligence/ability. However until someone comes up with a better option you can expect that both examinations and soccer tryouts will not be going away.   

To highlight the arena of competitive soccer I include a couple of video links for you to enjoy. There are many more on YouTube. They show the “Nike Chance Program.”

This program seeks players from all over the world to test their abilities against the best young professionals in the world. If selected they get to travel the world and will themselves hope to be offered a professional contract.

In 2012 a player from San Diego made it to the final eighteen and travelled the world with Nike.

Your feedback and criticism will be gratefully received at all times.

Gwynne Williams—MSSC Director of Business Development

This month's offerings for you are as follows:

We present two excellent video links from the NIKE CHANCE PROGRAM for you to watch.

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Gwynne Williams - Soccer Failures, Setbacks, and Disappointments. Are they a negative or a positive? You decide!

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Cyndi Goodwin Girls DOC shares her vision of what our club is and offers good advise for parents.

Another interesting read: Can This Man Save US Soccer?

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