Murrieta Surf Soccer Club Monthly Newsletter – February 2016

The New Year has come and gone and soccer like life keeps moving at what appears to be an ever-increasing speed. The fall leagues are now a matter of history and State Cup has been the focus of many of us since the turn of the year. Tryouts are just around the corner and the mandated changes from US Soccer have had most parents wondering what is happening. 

As our DOC Steve Myles expressed to all parents present at the January 8th meeting, “Fear not, just be patient and all will work out for the good.”

Tryouts like exams at school can be a stressful time for some players and their parents.

It is a new point of beginning. What you did last time round counts for nothing, its about the “now of soccer not the past.” If players got picked on what they did in the past someone would be picking me!

All at Murrieta Surf hope to see every player return for tryouts and hopefully we will be joined by many others who have seen from the outside that as a club we are going about our business the correct way.

We trust that the articles that we are sharing with you this month will be of interest as you prepare for the next soccer year and the challenges that make life in youth soccer fascinating. 

Your feedback and criticism will be gratefully received at all times.

Gwynne Williams—MSSC Director of Business Development

This month's offerings for you are as follows:

Murrieta Surf Soccer Club is delighted to announce the addition of seven new coaches to the current coaching staff.


We present an excellent video for you to watch.

The Dr. Casey Show presents “Winning and Positive Sports Parenting Actually Go Together” with Guest Jim Thompson

Steve Myles- Director of Soccer Operations

With tryouts just around the corner Steve is highlighting the club brochure which spells out what the club is about. No smoke and mirrors, no hidden fees, just tells it how it is.

Gwynne Williams has reproduced an article from US Youth Soccer

“Sideline Etiquette for Parents,” is simply good advice and a means to make the soccer experience a more positive experience for all of us.

Gwynne Williams has also reproduced an interesting article he found on “Linkedin.”

Ian McClurg of 1 v1 soccer presents food for thought on what makes the difference between those that make it to the top in soccer and the others.

Dr. Robert Steele from I-Care is sharing great advice on nutrition from an article that he read and wanted to make sure that we got this good information.

Unless you don’t eat this is vital information. Nutrition is one area that needs to be addresses by all athletes to be the best they can be in competition.

Today’s top performers take their diet very seriously and if you wish to get the best out of your performance this is something that you need to take seriously. It’s a way of life not just an occasional choice.