Murrieta Surf Soccer Club

Juggling Club

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Colored wristbands awarded to different levels.

Rules and Instructions are below Wristbands

The Murrieta Surf Soccer Juggling Club is designed to promote, encourage and challenge our players to spend more of their free time juggling. As we all know, juggling is an integral part of player development. It is also a known fact that all good jugglers are not necessarily good soccer players, but it is certain that all good soccer players are good jugglers. We want to encourage our young players to make juggling a habit because:

  • Players develop better overall ball manipulation skills.

  • Players develop coordination, balance, reaction, speed, & learn to use both feet etc.

  • Players can set and achieve goals (personal juggling record) and also develop good work/practice habits and determination to reach those goals. 

Juggling is the art of keeping the soccer ball in the air by bouncing it off your foot, thigh, head, chest, back and shoulder (no hands allowed).  Soccer juggling will strengthen a players overall ball control and game.  Juggling is a fundamental skill that is necessary in developing great “touch” with the soccer ball.

Daily juggling at home or showing up to practice early is best.  Work on all surfaces of your body until you are comfortable using any body part to control the ball.  Your touches will increase as you practice and have fun.  You can juggle any time you want, it just takes you, a ball and a little space.  Challenge yourself and keep track of your personal best.

Practice each day for a minimum of 15 minutes to improve your juggling scores.

Starter - 25 Juggles (White Wristband) 

Intermediate - 50 Juggles (Blue Wristband)

Advanced - 75 Juggles (Silver Wristband)

Premier - 100 Juggles (Black Wristband)

Elite - 200 Juggles (Gold Wristband)

Pro - 500 Juggles (Orange Wristband)

Master - 1,000 Juggles (Multi-Color Wristband)


1. Players may only use their feet. Touches with the feet count toward the total number juggles. The players must return to zero if the ball hits the ground. All other body parts can be used but they do not count toward the total number of juggles. (Example: If a player uses their thigh to keep the ball in the air it will not be counted, but the players can continue their count with the next touch with their feet. One foot, two foot, thigh, three foot would count as three.)

2. The soccer ball must be the same size you play your games with or smaller, and be correctly inflated (not flat).

3. The ball cannot touch the same foot more than three times in a row, otherwise your turn is over. (To prevent players just using their dominant foot)

Verification - Honor System

(The Juggling Club will be a huge success if everybody follows the rules)

If a player reaches a level they need to submit form below to receive wristband.

1. Take turns juggling with a partner observing at practice, school, and home - the other player keeps your score out loud (Hopefully this encourages players to get to training a few minutes early to beat their best score!)

2. Video...with lots of cell phones having this feature, it shouldn't be too hard to do. It must be one continuous shot with the players always in view.

3. A coach can verify at training by watching the attempt.

4. A parent can verify at home by watching the attempt.

When a level has been reached, please fill out form below and submit. Your coach will receive your wristbands.

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