Girls 00 Blue

Murrieta Surf Girls 2000 Blue (Girls Under 14) defeated High Desert Premier in the finals of the Captain U - College Recruiting Service Celtic Cup on Sunday March 22, 2015. The final game went to Penalty Kicks after being tied 1-1. Murrieta made all 4 of their kicks to win 4-2 on kicks from the spot. 

Coach Gary Keegan


  • NSCAA National Diploma - National Soccer Coaches Association of America

  • United States Soccer National D License

  • Youth and Intramural Soccer

  • NCAA Baseball Player - Cal Poly Pomona

  • Bachelor of Science - Management Science and Law – Cal Poly Pomona

  • Have repeatedly, recruited, trained and managed successful business professionals and youth soccer players.

Coaching Philosophy:

I believe the proper approach to coaching soccer is to teach our youth to succeed in the endeavors they choose.  Whether it is sports, business or education the path is similar.  Soccer is a great teacher of life skills.

The player needs to develop technical excellence on the ball to truly play the game.  The technically proficient soccer player will learn the game of soccer from the game of soccer.  It is the coach’s responsibility to create the environment on a daily basis where actual technical skills are learned, practiced and improved.  Those skills should then be utilized with repetition in a situation that closely resembles the game of soccer.

Soccer players need to learn to make decisions for themselves.  It is the coach’s responsibility to teach the players to see the opportunities and risks available to them and their team.  The coach needs to teach the player to make decisions based on their ability and the situation at the moment and then communicate those decisions to their teammates for the overall good of the team.