Murrieta Surf Soccer Club Monthly Newsletter – June 2016

This month we experience the inconvenience of field closure at Los Alamos and are forced to train in less luxurious surroundings. We know this is short term pain for long term gain and by the time the City of Murrieta have restored the fields they will be back to their pristine condition.

In the ten months that I have been in California I have not visited a better facility than Los Alamos. We are fortunate to have access to such a wonderful facility so your patience throughout this period is appreciated.

Summer is almost upon us and schools will be out by the time you are reading this. The summer is a time for development of teams and getting a rest before the slog of the fall season.

Every tournament your team attends is an opportunity to learn and grow. You don’t have to win the tournament to make progress. Sure winning is what you set out to do and if you win that’s great but it’s only a snapshot of where you are in that moment and grantees you nothing the next day. So enjoy the moments and keep learning as you go through the summer.

Hope you enjoy this month’s Off The Post.

Your feedback and criticism will be gratefully received at all times.

Gwynne Williams—MSSC Director of Business Development


This month's offerings for you are as follows:

Simply because we will not have an Off The Post edition in July while you take a break from the game we have doubled up on the videos this month for you to enjoy. Here you go!

Steve MylesStop Press a message from DOC Steve Myles Take Advantage Of Our Enforced Off-Season.(READ MORE)

The argument of whether Messi or Ronaldo is the best player in the world is an argument that has been long running and you may have your own choice as to which one is the better.

Here Billy & Jezza (who by the way can play a little themselves,) stake their claims as to which superstar is the best. Enjoy this one.

Last month we linked to a video of freestyle juggling. Continuing along that vein here are some juggling skills being taken a step closer to the game.

Billy & Jezza will amaze you with how accurate they can kick the ball. - Enjoy

Finally a mind-blowing display of David James the then England goalkeeper making incredible saves even when blindfolded. 

Steve Myles Elite Soccer Camp

Steve’s annual soccer camp for both boys and girls takes place at Los Alamos Sports Park from July 25th through July 29th.

Guest clinicians from College Coaches and US National Coaches will add their expertise to the vast experience that Steve brings to his camp. 

Gwynne Williams – Sometimes It Feels Like The Game Kicks You When You’re Down. A true story of one young player’s determination to make it in the soccer world. (READ MORE)

Diet is one of the biggest differences between athletes that make it and those that do not.

Steve Myles and I used to work with Alice Richter the team nutritionist at the New England Revolution. She was recently featured in GQ Magazine in an article on athletes and their diet. Your diet is simply one of the most important considerations you must be making as a soccer player. She has played an important role in the development of many players that thought all they had to do was play soccer. She educated them into becoming better soccer players and she never asks them to kick a ball. (READ MORE)

The Doctor’s Corner – Ten ways to reduce soccer injuries.

Good advise for players and clubs to reduce and or eliminate soccer injuries. (READ MORE)