Risk Management Procedure

Definition Team Administrator:  ANY and ALL persons engaging in an administrative capacity within the YOUTH sports program. Including but not limited to Board Member, Team Parent, Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Referee.


1.) Fill out the questionnaire below and your information will be sent to the MYSL Registrar after you submit it.

2.) Send a picture of your driver license to

3.) Set-up an appointment with UPS OR Murrieta Police Dept. (951)304-2677. Costs vary, should be around $20, so please ask the provider what they charge and type of payment they accept.  The UPS store listed below charges $15 for Murrieta Youth Soccer League livescans.  Let them know you were referred there by the league registrar.  

UPS Store

Address: 25060 Hancock Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562

Hours:     8AM–6PM

Phone:    (951) 698-4460

4.) Please Complete, Print & Sign 3 copies of the following form & take with you to your Livescan appointment.

a.) Request for Live Scan Form

Complete the form, enter the following information pertaining to our league: 
League Name: Murrieta Youth Soccer League, Team Name: leave it blank.

5.) Email or fax the livescan form after you’ve had your finger prints processed.

6.) The following forms must also be completed, printed, signed and submitted via fax or email ASAP to the registrar to save your spot in line.

b.) Program Administrator Registration Form  (print 2 copies if submitting in person)
As You complete the form, enter the following information pertaining to our league:
SEASON: Will either be e.g. Spring 2017 or Fall 2017-2018
TEAM ID Number: leave it blank (team number are assigned at a later time & change each season)

c.) Code of Conduct (one copy required)

d.) Player freeze form (one copy required)

Before submitting your paperwork please review to assure you’ve dated & signed the forms.

Fax to 866-582-4111 or scan & email (pdf) the paperwork to the Registrar at

Important Note:  Fax /email the Livescan form only after you've been finger printed.  The rest of the forms are sent now.  Please note that Calsouth will not accept livescans processed for other organizations.  Livescans processed for Calsouth are good for life.

*You will also need to either attend an “E” coaching clinic (u-14-u18) or take an online “F” License coaching course (u5-u12).  

Contact the Director of Recreational at, to obtain the code needed to take the free F license course.  Let him know that you've already turned in your paperwork to the registrar.   Full or partial compensation of the fee paid for the E license course may also be available, please ask if interested.

Recap of required forms/document

First complete Online Coaching Questionnaire


  • Fax or email the following:
  • Copy of Driver License
  • Program Administrator Registration Form
  • Code of Conduct (Coaches Contract)
  • Player Freeze Form
  • Processed Livescan Form

*Cal South offers Coaching Education courses for the following license levels:

"F" License              

An entry-level course which is MANDATORY for ALL recreational level coaches. 

A 2-hour online instruction course.

"E" License

An entry-level course which is MANDATORY for ALL recreational level coaches wishing to coach u14 to u18 division players.  

You must first pass the F License Course to take this clinic.

An 18-hour pass/fail course with a mix of field and classroom instruction.

*Four hours of pre-course work required to be eligible for license.

Click on link below to access Calsouth’s list of available “E” License Clinics.


Gladis Rada, Registrar
Murrieta Youth Soccer League

Team Administrators, please fill out the questionnaire below.

Administrator Questionnaire

Name *
I am willing to go through the Risk Management Process
Address *
Home Phone
Home Phone
Cell Number *
Cell Number
Birthdate *
Driver License Expiration Date *
Driver License Expiration Date
Which would you wish to coach or manage? Please select all that apply. *
I hereby understand and agree: Cal South may deny participation to any person who has been arrested or convicted of a crime. In applying for a Cal South position, I am required to be subject to a criminal history check and subsequent arrest notification requiring fingerprinting. As a program administrator, I hereby agree to abide by league, club, Cal South, US Youth Soccer, USSF, and FIFA Bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. I further agree that I am accountable for knowing, understanding, and following these same Bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. *
User name & password - After MYSL Registrar approves your registration you can have access to your file. Once your file is set up, you can access your account by going to, click on Youth Soccer Login to access sign in screen.